Q & A with Perry A~ on Calcium Bentonite Clay Notes Dec. 3, 2015


Welcome. I am excited to announce the release of my new clay book, Calcium Bentonite Clay

Many have received their new books and comments are beginning to come in. Please go to Amazon books to leave a review. WWW.TheClayBook.com to order.

Here is my first review from Pamela S.:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your newest book. The first one was an ever-present manual. This new one is a treasure. I like how it is organized. Thanks for all you do for our health and well being.”

I have gotten many calls wanting to know what differences there are in the old Living Clay book and the new Calcium Bentonite Clay book.

Here are the nuts and bolts of it. Some parts the same but lots of changes too. Also read the back of the book. Perry

The chapters are self explanatory:

  • ABOUT CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY New info and research on understanding and clay
  • THE ENERGY OF CLAY – New Chapter to itself. Fascinating info on how clay creates an energy flow in the body.
  • THE SCIENCE OF CLAY –New as a chapter and  upgraded
  • SELECTING A HEALING CLAY About the same plus How to Compare Clays
  • FACTS ABOUT CLAYS- New Chapter important facts & 12 Q&A’s
  • DETOXIFICATION -New Chapter includes Healing Crisis.
  • HOW TO USE CLAY upgraded mixing directions and application uses.
  • TREATING OVER 180 AILMENTS NATURALLY more added & improved protocols and updated on amounts.
  • PETS, LIVESTOCK, WILDLIFE, FISH AND FOWL usage directions plus testimonials
  • RECIPES – New ones Added
  • THE FDA AND CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY Re written Why clay doses not fit FDA guidelines.
  • CLAYTRONICS – THE FUTURE OF CLAY Condensed Amazing future for clay.
  • HEALTH PRESERVATION AND LONGEVITY Some slight changes and condensed.
  • RESOURCES new ones Added
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY REFERENCES New Find articles and research Data

Topics of discussion on this recording:

  • How can clay help me with arthritis in my hands? How clay can be used for arthritis?
  • Is it ok to use clay on my cat? She has a sore on her foot, and I thought it might help. Any ideas?
  • What would you suggest for a beginning regime for someone with severe acid reflux?
  • I’m taking blood pressure medication. Is it ok to take clay with this?
  • Are there any special offers on the clay right now, for holiday shopping?
  • How to best apply a liver poultice. Can I do two body organs at one time with a poultice?
  • Is there a limit to how much clay you can consume? Is there a limit for pets?




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