What Are Smectite Clays

Smectites are a family of nonmetallic clays primarily composed of hydrated calcium sodium aluminum silicate. Alumino silicates are crystalline compounds made up of silicon, aluminum and oxygen-aluminum oxide.  As long as the aluminum is bound in this form, it poses no health risk. Calcium Bentonite Clays are from the Smectite family of clays.

I refer to Smectites as Living Clays because they are capable of change through balancing, transforming, stimulating and the interactive exchanging of elements and energy. Let’s take a moment to look at that sentence.

  • Balancing…It is capable of balancing because of it homeostatic properties and alkaline nature.
  • Tranformation: Physics…to change into another form of energy. Bentonite Clay removes toxins, heavy metals and pathogens to transform the body to a state of higher functioning.
  • Stimulation… It increases blood flow and oxygen to the body bringing circulation to the cells.
  • The Interactive Exchanging of Elements Bentonite Clays are catalyst and as such act as co- creator’s with body enzymes to make things the body is deficient in that the clay does not even contain. There is research showing this enzymatic action can make amino acids, peptide chains, proteins, vitamins and minerals. That alone is almost beyond comprehension. WOW! But that’s not all!
  • Energy….It propels a life force energy that speeds healing and reactions in the body.

A rock, on the other hand, is incapable of transforming itself from within. It can only change from outside influences including weathering by heat, wind and water.






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