Clay to the Rescue!

by Perry A~

I went to a young friend’s wedding as an honorary adopted grandmother and before the night was over I was dancing with all the kids. When you are 70 years young they all seem like kids but the ages ranged from 6 yrs to well I just told you… It was at the Wildflower Center in Austin. A really nice place for a small family wedding. Anywho the music was great and the body seemed willing. Not as much motion as in my younger years but I found the beat and move it I did. It was after being still in the car with the AC full blast on the way home that the body started letting me know it was feeling abused. I had an early morning flight the next day to go visit my daughter Allyson in Dallas for the weekend. I knew I needed a clay bath if I was going to make it through the weekend.

I drew a hot bath, mixed my clay water in a blender (the fast method) as it was already past my bedtime. As I eased my body into the tub, I let out a sigh of relief. Nothing feels better to a physically abused body than a clay bath. I had a bottle of cold water and made a pillow for my neck with a towel and settled in. I felt my body let go and relax. I was purring in contentment. I dozed off a time or too and lost track of time. It didn’t matter. I was in heaven. I didn’t want to get out and leave my sanctum but the water was getting cold and my fingers were thoroughly pruned.

By now I did not know I had a body. All aches and screaming muscles were at peace and I set the alarm and slipped between the cool sheets. My head hit the pillow and I fell into a deep sleep. I am happy to say my newly revitalized body was up for a weekend of fun with my daughter. Clay to the rescue one more time.

Perry A~

Perry A~ Arledge is the author of Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature’s Pathway to Healing and numerous clay articles . She is a frequent guest on health talk radio shows. She is dedicated to spreading the word about clay’s healing potential and putting attention on safe healing with Bentonite Clay.  She is available for lectures, workshops, radio interviews, and answering questions on clay therapy. Perry A~ can be reached at 1-512-262-7187 and

© 2015 Perry A~

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