Clay and radiation

It seems that clay has, among other properties, that of either to stimulating a deficiency or absorbing an excess in the radioactivity of the body on which it is applied. On an organism that has suffered and still retains the radiations of radium or any other intensive radioactive source, the radioactivity is first enhanced and then absorbed. Clay could, in this way, ensure the protection of organisms over-exposed to atomic radiations.

4 thoughts on “Clay and radiation

  1. Aloha I am going through chemotherapy. Every two weeks. How much clay should I drink a day. I don’t have a bath tub just a shower. Please let me know anything I can do with clay to help me get through chemo. Karl 808-387-0085., thank you

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  2. Karl. First check with your pharmacist on any medications you take orally for their absorption time. Once they are absorbed in the body the clay will not hurt or affect them. I would start with 1-2 ounces of the liquid clay twice a day. You can also do foot soaks for detoxing. There is a free Kick Start booklet on with mixing directions and how to do a foot soak.


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